With 20 years of experience in the Market, + with over 250,000 m of stands mounted across the country and a 1,000 + clients supplied with promotional architecture, displays and kiosks in malls, fairs and events, as well as scenography and backdrops for product launches and corporate events. Our professionalism has resulted in 40 + awards: 26 Estandesign, 12 Caio, Caio of the Decade, 3 Popai an 1 Top of Quality.

Pro Cenografia is the Brazilian market with an innovative approach, bringing together solutions guided by social and environmental issues, meeting all safety, quality and ethical obligations. A headquarters with a fully equipped infrastructure and a combined fleet. Pro Cenografia brings together the very best professionals in the market and cultivates new talent from their expertise.


STRUCTURE: Area of 6000 m² to meet all needs.


DESIGN: Team of architects and designers to development and detailed design.


PRE-ASSEMBLY: Prepare the pre-assembly of all our work, ensuring better quality and precision in assembly.


TEAM: + 50 professionals participating in 100% of the production process.


PRECISION CUTTING: Router cutting high precision, with better quality in workmanship and the production in joinery and logo.


AUTOMOTIVE PAINT: Automotive paint booth, better finish and quick drying.


LOCKSMITHS: Own blacksmithing, for making mezzanines, swivel , stairs and general structure.


PRINT: Every visual communication is printed in our machinery.


TRANSPORTATION LOGISTICS: Fleet ready for shipping nationwide.



PROJECTS: + than 4 thousand projects


Av. Inácia de Toledo, 379 - São Paulo - SP - Brazil - Phone: +55 11 2609.8698

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